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Three more people were killed and 80 injured by a tornado in the city of Foshan.

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Georgetown, population 9,000, was mostly under water, and the four major highways leading into it were closed.

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And they're going to do things that people will not even believe are possible," he said.

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He said the band, which plays "Chinatown" dance rock, named itself The Slants as a way to reclaim the racial slur.

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He had a 21-yard TD run early in third quarter to put the Tigers up 21-3

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officials and auto industryrepresentatives have said kept imported vehicles to less than 10percent of the Japanese market for decades.

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Caroline from Windsor is a humanist who conducts funerals and other ceremonies

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Eight months later, the baby is delivered via C-section.

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It's the ninth time a Chiefs kicker has made five in a game

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One terrorist group is responsible for more civilian deaths since December 2012 (the Sandy Hook massacre) than Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, Hamas and the Taliban

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Offered to all needy mothers in town, it is an attempt to protect babies from the toxic haze caused by forest fires that has covered the city for months.

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forces working together decided to raze to the ground a fullyfunctioning hospital - with more than 180 staff and patientsinside - because they claim that members of the Taliban werepresent

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He had it with the teams he managed here, four straight seasons when the Mets couldn’t even get to 80 wins

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were engaged in theKunduz vicinity, and we do know that the structures that -- yousee in the news -- were destroyed," Carter told reporterstraveling with him shortly before landing in Spain.

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Hillman broke free for a 72-yard TD run Sunday against Minnesota, which is tied for the fourth-longest scoring romp in Denver history

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Cormier had just been through a grueling fistfight with Gustafsson and it had him speaking the truth.

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But at its center, the landslide buried houses under a layer of rocks and earth as much as 50 feet deep

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The opposition Socialist Party took between 30 percent and 35 percent, or between 80 and 88 seats

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labor costs beyond the levels originally agreed, people familiar with the situation said

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"We do know that American air assets ..

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Cameron is in Jamaica on an official visit to meet with his Jamaican counterpart Portia Simpson-Miller and to take part in official events in Kingston and St.Andrews, according to local media

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ZAKARIA:Prime Minister, you know that the Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas has said that he is essentially not going to follow the Oslo process - they will not abide by it any more

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He said Lacey fashioned a tourniquet using her own neck scarf for one classmate

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Chancellor Angela Merkel said she expected a limited impact on the German economy

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She told me not to worry because the house was on water

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Of the 21 majorfinancial asset benchmarks tracked by Reuters, only two - theU.S

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The search and rescue efforts have covered more than30,000 square miles since then.

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We were a bit late for the match.

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"I don't need that much work to feel I can have good at-bats," said Puig, who appeared noticeably thinner

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Stephen Russell, the director of the Bahamas National Emergency Management Agency told the Associated Press.

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Drivers and passengers who break the new law, which bans smoking in vehicles carrying children, could face a penalty fine of 50.

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But the status of the land remained unresolved until 1899, when a new law brought it under public ownership.

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Wendy Mead, chairman of the Corporation's environment committee, said: "Diesel was sold as an environmental solution but it is in fact an invisible killer

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