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The highlight of the visit was his trip to Silicon Valley - the first by an Indian premier in decades

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So then I thought about the potential of them being the indigenous people of the (entire) planet.”

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More often than not, the bad luck-jeopardy is either too easy to dodge or too cinematic to make proper use of its own medium.

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"There is a close link with asthma and hay fever and we are warning the public of this connection given we are already in hay fever season

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New Zealand wants to ensure its dairy industry, dominated byFonterra, the world's largest dairy exporter, comes outas one of the clear winners in a TPP deal

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Place de l’Opera broke the limit 17 times, and parts of the ppherique did so 67 times.

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Officials involved in the talks saidthe set of remaining politically charged issues that couldscuttle a deal had been sharply narrowed.

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Eli Manning and the offense had done little in the second half of a game they'd controlled early on, and for the first time all Sunday afternoon, struggling to extend an early advantage.

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The South Carolina coast endured the most severe floods, with rainfalls topping 24 inches over the weekend

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She hired lookalike Vandella to throw off paparazzi, and the pair became fast friends.

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How does he sleep at night? How do we?

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Their guitarist, Jo Callis, was from Rotherham, so the band often toured in Yorkshire.

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"It's a wonderful tribute to them and one which we are profoundly grateful for

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“This is my mission: To make sure that people who made this neighborhood great can still stay in the neighborhood they love," de Blasio said

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Now, they can go to LA, relax a bit and really, put the pressure on the Dodgers, who pretty much have to win Games 1 and 2

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These groups are also battling each other.

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Forsyth had offered to collect home deposits and otherrealtor fees via bitcoin to cater to international buyers

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By Tuesday, we will be sending the guidelinesto the ministries," he said, referring to planned stricterbudget rules to fight corruption

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“Everybody in the league knew every time he was throwing his curve ball,’’ Sutcliffe recalled

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Josh Brown's 38-yard retry hit the right upright.

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Instead of digging by hand and listening for survivors, crews planned to use mostly backhoes and bulldozers to speed up the search for bodies.

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Louis and signed former Conn Smythe winner Justin Williams while losing physical forward Joel Ward to San Jose

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“In the last couple of years, when people started seeing more aggressive anti-social behavior in Times Square, it touched a nerve.”

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It states that the regulator is considering imposing a deadline on payment protection insurance (PPI) complaints which could come into effect as soon as spring 2018.